Meet the NABOB Roastmaster

Here at the Nabob Coffee Co. we believe that it takes true talent and skill to distinguish between good coffee and great coffee. Our Roastmaster is not only an expert in her field, but is genuinely a coffee enthusiast at heart, just like you. That’s why we’re excited to be able to introduce her to you.

Roastmaster Jenn

“I love keeping current with trends and bringing consumers new coffee innovations.”

Jenn’s Bio

With 10 years of experience in Research & Development and a 7-year focus in coffee, Jenn knows her way around a coffee bean. She has a background in engineering and is an expert in coffee roasting techniques.

Q & A

What do you love about working with coffee?

Working with coffee is both an art and a science in the Research & Development world. The way we take a single bean type and can make it taste several different ways through roasting and blending techniques is exciting and inspiring.

I also like the unknown; coffee is a product that’s always changing. The whole coffee world is constantly evolving.

What’s your biggest coffee pet peeve?

Over-roasting. Every bean type should be custom roasted to bring out its unique qualities.

What’s your favourite coffee?

NABOB Midnight Eclipse. I’m not just saying it; I actually really, really enjoy it.

What time of day do you enjoy coffee most?

I’m a morning coffee drinker. It’s part of my daily ritual. I think of it as a rewarding moment as I drive to work after dropping the kids off. I need to have coffee- a morning without coffee is just a bad one!

If you were a NABOB coffee, what would you be?

I’d be Sumatra, which is earthy and floral. People always tell me I’m down-to-earth and I love the outdoors.

When it comes to coffee storage the age-old question always is: to freeze, or not to freeze?

This is a debatable topic, but my preference is to freeze only before opening. If you freeze the coffee after it’s opened you risk exposing it to moisture, which degrades the product quality.

What would you be doing if you weren’t a roastmaster?

I’d probably be a musician. I used to play all sorts of wind instruments. My second choice would be a teacher.